Bed Bug Treatment In Saudi Arabia

What is the reason for the presence of bed bugs in the home or your commercial or industrial facility And why We Need Bed Bug Treatment?

Bedbugs Control

Bed bugs are considered one of the fastest insects that may infect an establishment, (clothes – furniture – goods – furnishings… etc..),

There are Main 4 reasons for the appearance of bedbugs or the presence of bed bugs inside your facility or home, and they are: –

– Availability of food through absorbed blood
 – Availability of drink through absorbed blood.
 – The availability of shelter from inside the furnishings, pet fur, and clothes, which is one of the most important reasons for the presence of bedbugs.
 – Bed bugs can return again if the appropriate temperature is available.

To eliminate bed bugs, Eco Shield has the knowledge of the best ways to get rid of bed bugs permanently, so Eco Shield is considered the best company to Control bed bugs in Riyadh and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by eliminating bed bugs, the causes and quality of the facility in the facility in the first place, and getting rid of bed bugs inside and outside Enterprise.

Why are bed bugs being exterminated? What are the diseases transmitted by bed bugs?

BedBugs threaten not only your health but also your property.

With Years Of Experience And A Commitment To Excellence, Our BedBugs Control Service Is Trusted By Our Customers.


Why are bed bugs being exterminated? What are the diseases transmitted by bed bugs?


Bed bugs are considered one of the most dangerous types of pests that may affect any facility (house – factory – hotel – hospital), so bed bugs must be controlled immediately.

Although it is often considered that bed bugs are vectors of diseases that may infect humans and pets, they rarely transmit some diseases such as:
(Hepatitis C – a deficiency in iron or hemoglobin, – some infections and redness due to bacteria), and bed bugs have a set of signs that indicate infection, such as redness in the affected area – increased itching – and the appearance of allergy in this area, through contact . with blood directly.

Causing inconvenience and fear to children and adults.
It may cause losses in commercial Facilities, especially those that depend on hosting services such as (hotels – hospitals).
It directly harms the reputation and safety of the facilities and may lead to the closure of the entire facility.

Eliminate bed bugs Now , contact us For Bed Bug Treatment on our numbers 0533441300

Frequently asked questions about bed bug tretment services:

Are the materials you use to eliminate bedbugs safe for people and pets, and do they smell?​

All materials that we use in Eco Shield are carefully regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (FDA) and all our technicians are licensed and trained by Professionals, With the highest level of training in the application of all materials that we use.

  • there is no smell of pesticides used.
  • At Eco Shield, we always practice bug control services that preserve the environment and apply all materials according to the instructions for use.

How much does a bed bug treatment service cost?

We offer a variety of pest control solutions for residential, facilities, and businesses that vary in size, please contact Eco Shield for an accurate assessment of insects and rodents.

How to get rid of bedbugs or Get rid Of bedbugs permanently?

There are several ways to get rid of bed bugs permanently
Eco Shield is considered the best bed bug control company in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia in using the IPM system, which provides more than one safe way to get rid of bed bugs permanently and forever.

Why to Choose Eco Shield as pest control service Provider Company ?

There are several ways to get rid of bed bugs permanently
The most experienced company in pest and rodent control, cleaning, and sterilization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • All materials are FDA-approved and safe
    Our most experienced and highly trained engineers
  • The fastest and safest Bed Bug Control Service
    A company specializing in pest control in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia
  • It is the only company in the Kingdom that cleans after completing the bed bug extermination service.
  •  We Control All common pests In Saudi Arabia ( bed Bugs Control – cockroach control – flies control – Termites control – Mosquitoes control rodents control – Wasps, and much more!
  •  We are the market leader in insect Control service providers Our staff is highly educated and trained by professional entomologists to select the best pest control method for each case.

Is it possible to Treate bed bugs and get rid of them at home Or Any Commercial Facility without Bed Bug control Service Conmpany Provider?

It is difficult to eliminate bedbugs permanently without relying on a specialized company to Control and exterminate bedbugs, You need Also To follow Some Steps To avoid Bed Bug Infestation :

  • Separate infected furnishings away from noninfected furnisher, the farther the better,
  • Put the infected furniture in the sun, to be exposed directly to the sun.
  • Try to clean the mattress or furniture using a vacuum cleaner.
  • To avoid more Damage, Take A Step Back
  • Call Eco Shield Right away
  • Wait for the Eco Shield Engineer

HOW We DO IT Green ?!

How To Use IPM In
Bed Bugs Treatment ?

Methods for controlling insects and rodents vary according to the type of classification, type, activity, other factors, type, and identification system in the world, which is internationally documented. Signs of Pests , In Order To get rid Insects and rodents

IPM is an efficient control system in the form of basic steps in the fight against Pests and is designed to lower the cost of controlling Insects and rats and maintain your business safe 

It’s an ongoing process to fully exterminate pests in your home, commercial service, and Industrial service & it’s an effective pest control Method Through (Assessment – inspection – and monitoring ) of pests & we are the Best pest exterminators in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia

Step 1 – Biological Pest Control​

It’s all about providing the largest predator of the pest, such as eliminating pests inside the drainage pipes and sewers through analysis of bacteria and sewers.
This is one Big Difference between Eco Shield and Other companies in pest control companies in Riyadh, we use scientific methods & and It’s an ongoing process

Step 2 – Behavioral Pest control

it’s All About Exterminating the pest’s source of life ( food – water – shelter – and suitable temperature ) through daily activities like ( how to get rid of waste food – cleansers used and how to find pests and Shelters to seal them.
Eco Shield provides all solutions according to the needs of the organization, and The Training Needed.

Step 3 – Physical control of pests

It’s By using traps, closing holes and burrows, and getting rid of the entrance that leads to pests inside the facility, as well as barriers.
Echo is the best pest control company in Riyadh in using advanced traps and barriers, in the control process, which is a fast step to Kill all rodents and insects, and eliminate of pests

Step 4 – Chemical Control of pests

Although Eco Shield is the best pesticide spraying company in Riyadh, In Bed Bug Treatment it resorts to Chimecals as a last solution to preserve the environment
We use high-quality (FDA Approved) Pest Control Chemicals to Be safe for your facility, family, friends, and your clients
This is why ECO Shield, Why more than 200 clients trust Us As a Pest control Company In Saudi Arabia



assesment In IPM


One of our experts will visit you, inspect the facility, identify pest problems on-site, and develop a control plan that covers all your needs.

implementation In IPM


Without leaving the facility, the Eco Shield team will apply environmentally friendly control according to the agreed action plan, which was developed by entomologists. We also provide you with a detailed report on the control service to help analyze the factors of pest presence, limit them, and get rid of them in the future.

Monitoring In IPM


We will continue to monitor your facility on an ongoing basis to ensure that problems are resolved. And to intervene in Case of the emergence of any other Insect. Year-round protection for you, your family, and your facility from insects and rodents.


Our Certificates

We Are Quality Approved By

ISO 14001 – Environmental Management

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ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems

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ISO 10002 – Quality Management – Customer Satisfaction

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ISO 45001 – Occupational Health and Safety

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make big impact.

Take Action Now for a Pest-Free Future

Don’t wait until the problem escalates further.
Take proactive measures today and reclaim your space from unwanted pests, get Bed Bug Treatment Now.
Contact us now to schedule a consultation and let our dedicated team rid your property of pests for good.

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