Flies Control Service In Saudi Arabia

Why Flies Control Service ?

What are the diseases transmitted by flies?

Flies Control Service

Flies are practically one of the most dangerous types of pests, and the most transmitting diseases in any facility (house – factory – hotel – hospital).

  • Flying insects transmit much more than crawling insects due to the speed of their transmission in general.
  •  Flies are among the most disease-transmitting insects, as flies transmit more than 100 disease-causing bacteria.
  •  Since flies are two-winged flying insects, they cannot fly for long periods, facilitating the process of transferring bacteria.
  •  Flies are widely among the largest vectors of diseases. Flies transmit diseases such as:-
    (cholera – typhoid – anthrax – leprosy – E. coli – dysentery … and more).
  •  It is a real source of annoyance and fear for adults and children.
    – It certainly causes losses in industrial and commercial facilities, especially those that depend on food services in particular, such as (food factories – restaurants – hospitals … etc.).
  •  It harms foods, and goods and causes damage to the reputation of the facility, and flies are a source of nuisance to all those around it.
  • It directly affects the reputation and security of the facilities and may lead to the closure of the entire facility.

Flies threaten not only your health but also your property.

With Years Of Experience And A Commitment To Excellence, Our Flies Control Service Is Trusted By Our Customers.

What is the reason for the spread of flies in your home, commercial or industrial facility?​

Flies control company

Flies are among the easiest insects or pests that may infect the facility, due to (the ease of their movement from one place to another – the speed of reproduction … etc.)

There are many reasons for the presence of flies or the presence of any other pest inside your facility or home, including: –

  •  Availability of food through wasted and exposed food that is inside the place.
  •  Availability of drink through stagnant or spilled liquids that attract flies.
  •  The availability of shelter, and the lack of appropriate repellents in your garden and outside to keep the flies away + the lack of means to prevent flies such as windows and door wipers, without which the flies will be able to enter the facility ease.
  •  Availability of the appropriate temperature for flies is one of the most important reasons for the entry of flies into the establishment.
    Eco Shield follows the best ways to get rid of flies permanently.

Therefore, Eco Shield is considered the best company in controlling flies in Riyadh and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This is done by eliminating flies and their causes and quality in the facility in the first place and getting rid of flies inside and outside the facility.
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FAQ asked questions about fly extermination services

Are the materials we use to get rid of flies safe for people and pets?

  • All materials that are used by Eco-Shield are carefully audited by the FDA
  • All our specialists hold licenses from the state and the highest level of training in the application of all the materials we use.
  •  At Eco Shield, we always apply all pest control services that preserve the environment and apply all materials according to the best-use instructions.

How much does Flies Control Services Cost?

We offer a variety of solutions that serve pest control in homes, residential facilities, offices, companies, and hotels, and they vary in size
Kindly contact Eco Shield for an accurate pest inspection visit.

What are the Best Ways to Get rid of flies forever ?

  • There Are many ways to Get rid of flies and for good.
    Eco Shield Uses The latest ways to control Flies in SA and Riyadh Through IPM, which provides multiple ways to eliminate flies forever.

Why is Eco Shield better than other pest control companies?

  • The most experienced company in controlling and eliminating insects and rodents and the highest efficiency in cleaning and sterilization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • All materials are FDA-approved and safe
    Our most experienced and highly trained engineers are professionals in expelling flies from the house.
  • The fastest and safest way to keep flies out of the house
  • A company specialized in pest control in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia to get rid of flies.
  • The only company in the Kingdom that performs the sterilization and cleaning process after completing all its services.
  • The company offers a comprehensive range of pest control services that cover various types of insects and pests, including but not limited to cockroaches, mosquitoes, rats, bugs, flies, termites, and many others.

Can natural methods be used to eliminate flies without pesticides?

  • Many natural substances may help attract or expel house flies, which depend mainly on the smell, such that flies love the smell of milk, and flies are attracted to sugar, apples, vinegar, and apple cider vinegar, which has a pungent smell, but to permanently drive away the flies.
  • You may need something more powerful and efficient than milk and sugar.
  • Learn more about the best ways to combat and get rid of flies and flying insects through our number 0533441300 in Riyadh and the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

HOW We DO IT Green ?!

How To Use IPM In
Flies Control Service?

Methods for controlling insects and rodents vary according to the type of facility, type of infection, location, activity, and other factors, but they mainly depend on the best control system in the world, which is internationally documented as the most advanced and safest system, the comprehensive control system IPM, and there is more than one way to expel flies from home or facility.

The IPM system is based on four basic control steps and aims to reduce the cost of control operations, preserve the environment, and reduce chemicals in the control process.
Eco Shield is considered the best among the pest control companies in Riyadh in applying the IPM system.

Step 1 – Biological Pest Control​

Eco Shield Company provides all solutions according to the needs of the organization, its activity, and the extent of damage to the facility, which is represented in providing the largest predator of the pest, such as eliminating pests inside the drain pipes and sewers through analysis bacteria and more.

Eco Shield is considered one of the rare companies to use this method In the Kingdom and Riyadh, we always prefer to use natural methods to get rid of flies

Step 2 – Behavioral Pest control

“The process of eliminating the root causes of pest infestation in a facility is known as pest prevention.

This involves monitoring and analyzing various activities within the facility, such as garbage disposal methods and daily cleaning operations, among others.

By doing so, the best solutions can be determined to effectively eliminate flies and other pests.”

Step 3 – Physical control of pests

It is represented in traps, closing holes and Cracks, and all entrances that may lead to pests inside the facility, as well as controlling barriers to prevent the entry of flies through doors, windows, and other entrances –

ECO SHIELD is considered the best insect control company in Riyadh in using traps and barriers in the control process, which is one of the disposal steps of fast insects

Flies enter easily in any facility that does not have Eco Shield protection, contact us now to prevent flies from entering


Step 4 – Chemical Control of pests

Although Eco Shield is the best company in spraying pesticides in Riyadh, it resorts to chemicals as a last resort after trying all other methods that preserve the environment to the maximum degree providing the best prices and discounts, especially within commercial, industrial, and food activities.

Eco Shield stands out from other pest control companies by adopting safe and advanced control methods for spraying pesticides. The spraying process follows a well-studied and proven set of steps, with a specific arrangement in place to ensure its effectiveness.

Pesticide spraying services depend mainly on spraying high-quality and accurate insecticides that are licensed and compatible with international health standards to ensure that insects do not reappear. Therefore, Eco Shield is considered the best insecticide spraying company in Riyadh in particular and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general.

There are some attractive pesticides whose main objective is to get rid of flies, while there are some repellents that aim to drive away flies, expel flies, and prevent flies from entering the facility.

The pheromone trap is also prepared to attract flies, and it is filled with water until it causes the flies to drown, and the flies cannot escape from the trap at all, because the flies cannot resist the water with their weak wings.



assesment In IPM


One of our experts will visit you, inspect the facility, identify pest problems on-site, and develop a control plan that covers all your needs.

implementation In IPM


Without leaving the facility, the Eco Shield team will apply environmentally friendly control according to the agreed action plan, which was developed by entomologists. We also provide you with a detailed report on the control service to help analyze the factors of pest presence, limit them, and get rid of them in the future.

Monitoring In IPM


We will continue to monitor your facility on an ongoing basis to ensure that problems are resolved. And to intervene in Case of the emergence of any other Insect. Year-round protection for you, your family, and your facility from insects and rodents.


Our Certificates

We Are Quality Approved By

iSO-45001 Certification
iSO 10002 Certification
ISO 14001 Certification
iSO 9001 Certification
make big impact.

Take Action Now for a Pest-Free Future

Don’t wait until the problem Or Flies escalates further.
Take proactive measures today and reclaim your space from unwanted pests.
Contact us now to schedule a consultation and let our dedicated team rid your property of Flies for good.

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